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We have a passion for media. We have been able to help many customers with content in the recent years. We have been doing this since 2015, with great pleasure!  

A little more about the people behind the company. The company consists of 2 owners, Bas Masseus and Maarten Lenderink. They started the company in 2015 and are still responsible for the productions.  

Bas has an audiovisual background. Here he learned how to integrate and develop visual content. Bas is really the creative brain behind The Native Creators.  

Maarten is the opposite in that area. With a degree in Sport Studies behind his name, he has explored the world of sports marketing. During the study, The Native Creators was created. Maarten can be described as the "producer" the one who develops creative ideas into concrete plans that fit well with the company's marketing strategy.  

Besides business partners, Bas and Maarten are also very good friends. The combination of these two creates a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace and an end product that every party can be satisfied with. 

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